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Custom Floral Oil Painting Commission - PRIVATE LISTING E.S.

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Average turnaround is 6-8weeks. **Effective immediately: Oversize canvases 4+ hours outside of 40065 delivery area will ship UNSTRETCHED. (48x48, 48x60)
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Meeting Overview:

36x36 painting loosely inspired by wedding flowers (white & red roses, bonus if can incorporate lillies)

Color Palette: Open to having more than the red & white, marroon rose, prefers muted colors. For the background thinking likely not a green background, but open to the gray/green background like in "Brave Enough To Love", something neutral maybe gray, white or muted pink. A

Inspired by: Brave enough to love (gray/green background, orchids), I am a whole mood (dark green background, white flowers, drips, likes  composition), Les Fleurs (abstracted flowers),

Features: loves drips, texture, imagewrap to edges (painting won't be framed)

Wall: Dark green/ forest green

Dislikes: orange, nothing too bright


Are you looking to invest in the perfect piece of art to hang in your home or office? Let's collaborate! I create one-of-a-kind original oil paintings specifically for your space, and I'll even send you progress photos so you can see how it's coming along. Plus, each piece includes protective varnish, certificate of authenticity, and attached hanging hardware.

You even have the option to frame it or extend the image to the edge of the canvas. If you have a reference photo, I can paint from that, or if you're inspired by one of my other pieces, let me know and I'll create something special for you. So why not let Shakia help you transform your space into a work of art or give a once in a lifetime gift to a special someone.

Ditch the generic home store print, and purchase a stylish, show-stopping, & vibrant custom oil painting by emerging fine artist Shakia Harris.

>>>>Price includes<<<<
hanging hardware
varnish/protective coating on painting

Gold/silver leaf application

certificate of authenticity

Shipping & handling calculated at checkout **LIMITED TIME ONLY: FREE SHIPPING (USA )

 **Effective immediately: Oversize canvases 4+ hours outside of delivery area will ship UNSTRETCHED. (48x48, 48x60)

The images above represent examples of work I’ve produced. If you're not sure exactly what you want when you place an order we'll collaborate to ensure you are satisfied with your purchase. You can also schedule an online meeting here.

STYLE: I use bold and expressive brushstrokes and palette knives to create colorful eye-catching pieces. I love using texture and color to explore the relationship beween art and nature. My desire is to create engaging work that is more expressive than representational. You can view examples of my work here, and include the name of pieces that depict the style you desire. If you’re unsure that’s okay. I'll reach out to you to better understand your vision.


SIZES (inches):
small (11x14, 12x16, 14x14)
Medium ( 16x20, 18x24, 20x20,)
Large (20x24,24x24, 24x30,24x36, 30x40, 24x48)
Extra large (30x48x 36x48, 48x48, 48x60)

 **Effective immediately: Oversize canvases 4+ hours outside of delivery area will ship UNSTRETCHED. (48x48, 48x60)

EDGES: sides of canvas are painted white by default. If you'd like your painting to extend to the edges/sides of the canvas (Image wrap) please note it in the personalization.

*Shipping: will be shipped STRETCHED (domestic) & heavy duty hanging hardware included . Will ship framed if flush/float frame added at checkout.

OUTSIDE THE U.S.A./INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING ->>>>>  Shipping is calculated at checkout.

Painting is shipped once payment in full is received, unless your painting is financed via Affirm. If you select Affirm at checkout then your painting will be shipped as soon as it is complete.

Your satisfaction is my top priority. I will maintain communication with you throughout the completion of the painting to ensure you are satisfied with the final product.

Return and Exchange Policy located under FAQ page.

>>Payment Arrangement
Are you ready to pull the trigger on buying a piece, but you need to split it up into payments?Payment plans are available & Affirm is also available at checkout to setup payment arrangements.

Please note: I can also do custom diptychs and triptychs in nearly any size you need.