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   Watch me create incredible prints on canvas AND paper from start to finish. The only comprehensive resource that addresses how to create professional prints using a budget printer and a large format printer.


   You absolutely DO NOT need expensive equipment to begin this journey. I will show you how to make the most with what you have, while also giving you the tools to deliver stunning canvas prints should you decide to scale your business.


   Are you ready to finally get the answers to all of your burning questions regarding printmaking? Register today!


   Topics Covered:

Photographing your artwork, editing,  software, materials & supplies, pricing, staging, choosing a printer, paper vs. canvas, where to get paper samples, making prints on a budget, Tracking costs/expenses, market research, display for craft shows, and so much more!


Unlock your inner artist with the online rose painting oil class. Shakia's unique perspective teaching herself to paint in 2018 paired with over 7 years in the classroom as a highly qualified special education teacher, create a learning opportunity unlike one you've ever experienced.


As a prolific artist and dedicated educator, Shakia's unique approach blends creativity and guidance, making painting accessible to all.


Embrace a transformative journey, where vibrant blooms come to life under your brush from the comfort and privacy of your own home. Discover the healing power of painting while learning techniques, within a supportive community. This class isn't just about art; it's a chance to bloom, connect, and thrive.


Don't miss the opportunity to learn from a compassionate artist with a heart for teaching. Enroll now and paint your heart out.

Whimsical Landscapes

Join me as we layer oils to create a whimsical landscape inspired by not one but TWO reference photos.

Statement Peonies

If you've ever wanted to paint Peonies, but you feared it'd be too complicated then you are in for a treat. If you're looking for an approachable and digestible way to paint romantic flowers then take this class.

Blue Hydrangeas in Vase

What Hydrangeas lack in color range they make up for in size & texture. Join me as we tackle these voluminous beauties & explore stress free ways to pick the perfect color complements.