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I think I like when it rains, 24x36 oil painting - julia rose peonies

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Introducing "I Think I Like When It Rains" – a stunning 24x36 oil painting inspired by the soulful melody of WILLIS's song. Delve into a world where art and music intertwine, as the Itoh Julia Rose peony blooms against a captivating dark green background.

This piece evokes a sense of introspection and serenity, echoing the soothing essence of raindrops falling softly. With intricate brushstrokes and vivid colors, this artwork adds a touch of elegance and emotion to any space.

Immerse yourself in the beauty of "I Think I Like When It Rains" and let its harmonious blend of artistry and melody captivate your senses.

* Name:I Think I Like When It Rains
* Painter: Shakia Harris
*Medium:professional oils on stretched canvas,
* Size: 24" x 36"

*Includes: Dustcover, picture hanging hardware, certificate of authenticity, signed on front & back, free U.S. shipping.

*Varnish Applied:Clear & protective coating for oil paintings. Will not cloud or yellow with age.

As a testament to its quality and authenticity, each painting comes with a certificate of authenticity, ensuring that you are acquiring an original work of art by Shakia Harris. Whether you're an art collector, a nature enthusiast, or seeking to elevate your interior decor, this oil painting is a timeless addition to any art collection.

Framing available for additional cost.