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Owed Truths 48x60 textured lemons in vase oil painting

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**Effective immediately: Oversize canvases 4+ hours outside of delivery area (40065) will ship UNSTRETCHED & rolled in protective packaging. (48x48, 48x60)
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The title, "Owed Truths," reflects Sheeva's commitment to authenticity and self-discovery. It encapsulates her desire to confront the impact of prioritizing others over herself from a young age, resonating with the complexities of her relationship with her mother and the ongoing journey toward self-love.

The color palette, featuring her cherished pink, black, and green hues, mirrors her personal aesthetic and the sources of joy in her life.

The intentional drips represent the fluidity of Sheeva's journey, capturing the moments of release and transformation. Much like the drips, she strives to let go of the weight of past conditioning, finding solace in her unique blend of self-soothing practices—smoking weed and practicing yoga.

From the joy found in her kitchen and raves to the challenges of dwelling in her mind and procrastinating, "Owed Truths" is a testament to the strength found in embracing one's own narrative and, ultimately, discovering the owed truths within oneself.

* Painter: Shakia Harris

*Medium:professional oils on stretched canvas

* Size: 60x48 inches (gallery wrapped 2 in. deep edges)

*Includes:  picture hanging hardware & certificate of authenticity. Painting is signed on the front and back of the canvas

*Varnish Applied:Clear & protective coating for oil paintings. Will not cloud or yellow with age.

*Shipping: Painting ships worldwide.**Effective immediately: Oversize canvases 4+ hours outside of delivery area will ship UNSTRETCHED. (48x48, 48x60)

>>RETURN POLICY: Item eligible for exchange of equal or greater price within 30 days of delivery. If artwork is damaged upon delivery please keep packaging and contact immediately with pictures.

>> International orders (outside of USA) will ship unstretched & rolled in a protective tube.