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Sweet Pea 30x40 abstract oil painting

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Shakia invites viewers into a world of vibrant and joyful blooms with “Sweet Pea.” Nature’s beauty is celebrated through the interplay of pink and yellow hues, thoughtfully applied with palette knives and long-handled paintbrushes.

The canvas seemingly bursts to life with an explosion of loose and abstracted floral forms. Pink and yellow petals overlapping and cascading in a seemingly spontaneous arrangement.

This abstraction allows the viewer to engage with the essence of the flowers, experiencing their radiant beauty without the constraints of a traditional still life.

*Name: Sweet Pea, 2023

*Medium: Professional oils on stretched canvas/

*Size: 30" x 40" inch.

*Includes picture hanging hardware, certificate of authenticity, and artwork is signed on front & back of canvas.

*Varnished Applied: Clear & protective coating for oil paintings. Will not cloud or yellow with age.


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