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With an Angel's Face 36x36 gallery wrapped abstract oil painting

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The woman that inspired this piece prefers to remain completely anonymous. She'll be referred to as "woman" or "Entry #12".

"With an Angel's Face" is a captivating 36x36 inch abstract botanical piece that weaves a symphony of emotions through muted tones of purple, orange, blue, & green. The canvas, adorned with drips, exaggerated lines, and subtle textures, invites viewers into a visual journey inspired by the resilient spirit of a woman (entry #12).

The color palette reflects her aesthetic preferences while also capturing the essence of her soothing rituals—walking in nature, engaging in art, prayer, gardening, raising butterflies, moments with her dogs, naps, and the therapeutic embrace of music.

Titled "With an Angel's Face," the artwork serves as an ode to her journey, marked by both profound challenges and triumphant moments. The muted hues symbolize the complexities of her experiences, while the drips and exaggerated lines evoke the fluidity and unpredictability of life.

The woman's connection to nature finds expression in the choice of colors, and her joy in lakes and the ocean is echoed through the subtle incorporation of water-like elements. The canvas seeks to capture the soothing sounds of water.

Amidst the beauty of her life, the woman has faced hardships, including the traumatic experience of date rape and an ensuing pregnancy during her youth. Both stories weaved into the canvas to reflect a sense of grace and resilience.

Her journey through a challenging marriage, divorce, and subsequent remarriage is depicted through the nuanced interplay of colors and lines. The title, "With an Angel's Face," hints at the woman's enduring strength and the grace with which she navigates life's complexities and is also influenced by her reconciliation with the son she gave up for adoption.

The painting encapsulates the woman's journey from leaving her home in Israel at the age of 11 to starting a new life in rural Kentucky. 

Thank you entry#12 for sharing your story & inspiring this painting.


Title: With an angel's face


*Medium:professional oils on stretched canvas,

* Size: 36" x 36" (2 inch depth gallery wrapped canvas with solid edge)

*Includes: Dustcover, picture hanging hardware, & certificate of authenticity

*Varnish Applied:Clear & protective coating for oil paintings. Will not cloud or yellow with age.


OUTSIDE THE U.S.A./INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING -> paintings are shipped unstretched and rolled in protective tube. You may frame canvas or have it restretched onto a frame. The painting is still varnished, includes certificate of authenticity.