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Feel My Words, 2023 Collection

While reading What Happened to You?: Conversations on Trauma, Resilience, & Healing (Oprah Winfrey & Bruce Perry), I was inspired to create this collection. I wanted to encourage constructive conversations on healing, so I asked strangers a series of questions with the goal of getting others to shift their perspectives and open up to understanding their own patterns in behavior.


  Something as small as shifting from "What's wrong with me" vs. "What happened to me" can be the first step in healing and understanding.  So many of us experience adversity & trauma, but it's not always obvious the ways in which these events impact our behavior. I received several dozen submissions and worked tirelessly to turn your stories into visual narratives on canvas.

Making of "Feel My Words"

Frequently Asked Questions:

What subjects are included?

There are at least 16 paintings. I've included florals, landscapes, birds, portraits, fruit, landscapes, and abstracts. There's something for everyone and even a couple small paintings. The sizes range from 6x6 inches to 4x5 feet.


Are the paintings signed? Yes! I've signed the paintings on the front of the canvas (bottom corner) and on the back of the canvas. If you don't see a signature in a photo it's because it was taken while the paint was still wet.

Will you offer prints? Yes! Keep an eye on your inbox for updates & upcoming print releases.

Do you offer payment plans?Yes! You can reserve the painting you want for a fraction of the price, OR select Affirm or Paypal Pay Later at checkout.

Are the people identified that told their stories? Yes and no. Participants opted to be identified by name, initials, or anonymously. All preferences are noted in the painting description.

Will you have an art exhibit? Yes! Once the ink dries I'll announce an exciting opportunity to display my work in downtown Louisville and SOON!

I was anonymous, but I'm ok if you want to use my first name. How do I make the change? Just email or slide into my social media dms and I'll update the record to reflect your name. I'll also happily remove identifying information if you've had a change of heart.

I don't see my story. Will you create more? YES! So many of your stories inspired multiple canvases. Stay subscribed to be alerted once the next batch of paintings are ready.

Is it too late to submit my story? NO! I've left the form open because it's been a much-needed soundingboard for many. I can't guarantee when your inspired piece will be created, but I can promise to alert you via email.

Can I commission a painting?Yes! Click here to get commission information.

Do you offer classes?Yes! Click here to see classes.

Is there any BTS footage?Yes! I'm uploading videos to my Youtube channel, but there's a lot of information on the process on Instagram & Facebook.

Why didn't you name the collection "What Happened To You"?

Honestly, I thought it might be too long, but Feel My Words is only 1 word shorter. If there's an overwhelming pull to change it I will definitely before my next exhibit.