Dreams we left behind 16x20 abstract portrait oil painting

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The woman that inspired this painting prefers to remain anonymous. She'll be referred to as "woman" or "entry #14"

"Dreams we left behind" is a portrait, sculpted with palette knives, is a visual symphony of thick textures and bold strokes. Embedded within the layers of color and texture lies a narrative of struggle and strength.

The woman, biracial and adopted into a small town, grapples with mental illnesses and the fear of mirroring her biological family. The painting echoes the complexity of her identity, showcasing the indigenous features she once despised, a testament to her journey towards self-acceptance.

It captures the essence of a woman who soothes herself through the rhythmic cadence of reading, the comforting warmth of coffee, the therapeutic act of making art, and the cleansing embrace of a shower. The painting resonates with the cozy sanctuary she finds joy in—coffee shops, rustic cabins, rainy or snowy weather, used bookstores, the vastness of the ocean, and the simple pleasures of sitting on the porch.

The composition delves into the impact of familial relationships, from the weight of being her mother's confidante to the challenges of regulating her mother's trauma. The death of her father, the discovery of his peaceful acceptance, and the subsequent move mark pivotal moments in her narrative. This oil painting studies the shadows of her past, from the painful memory of her first kiss turning into assault to the necessity of cutting ties with her biological mother's family for the sake of her own well-being.

"Dreams We Left Behind" is a tribute to a remarkable woman and her courage in choosing herself on the path to healing. Through daily struggles with OCD, crying, and panic attacks, she emerges into a more peaceful life, embodying the strength found in acknowledging and embracing the complexities of her own story. This painting invites viewers to witness the beauty that arises from the ashes of pain, a testament to the continual journey of healing and self-discovery.

Thank you Entry #14 for sharing your story & inspiring this painting.

*Medium: Professional oils on stretched canvas

*Size: 16"x20"inches (.75 in. deep).

*Includes:attached picture hanging hardware, certificate of authenticity, & artist signature on the front & back of the canvas.

*Varnish Applied:Clear & protective coating for oil paintings. Will not cloud or yellow with age.

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>> International orders (outside of USA) will ship stretched or unstretched & rolled in a protective tube.