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Dancing in the Dark 36x48 textured Dubai cityscape skyline landscape oil painting

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The canvas is bathed in deep, dark blues and greys, creating a dramatic and enigmatic atmosphere, punctuated by vibrant orange accents that illuminate this urban cityscape. Intentional drips and textured strokes add an expressive layer to the artwork, capturing the dynamic energy of Duba's nightlife.

The deep blues and greys reflect the city lights as they cast a mesmerizing glow that reflects off the sleek surfaces of towering skyscrapers. 

The intentional drips on the canvas add an element of movement, as if the city itself is alive and pulsating with energy. The texture created by the brushstrokes enhances the tactile experience, inviting viewers to feel the depth and complexity of the urban landscape.

"Dancing in the Dark" is a sensory journey into the heart of Dubai after sunset. The painting captures the dichotomy of stillness and movement, serenity and vibrancy, creating a compelling narrative that celebrates the metropolis's allure when illuminated by the night sky.


* Painter: Shakia Harris

*Medium:professional oils on stretched canvas

* Size: 36x48x1 in.

*Includes:attached picture hanging hardware, and certificate of authenticity.

*Varnish Applied:Clear & protective coating for oil paintings. Will not cloud or yellow with age.

>>RETURN POLICY: Item eligible for exchange of equal or greater price within 30 days of delivery. If artwork is damaged upon delivery please keep packaging and contact immediately with pictures.

>> International orders (outside of USA) will ship unstretched & rolled in a protective tube.