Dancin' in the mirror, 8x10 in textured portrait oil painting

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"Dancin' in the Mirror" is a vibrant and captivating oil painting that invites viewers into a world of rhythm and elegance. Executed with the bold strokes of palette knives, this piece brings to life the spirit of dance and self-reflection.

At the center of the composition stands a striking black woman, her graceful figure adorned in a flowing blue chiffon gown that billows and twists with the energy of her movements. The gown captures the essence of fluidity and grace, giving a sense of both lightness and strength.

Adorning her head is a remarkable floral headpiece, adorned with radiant yellow and blue flowers. The floral arrangement exudes a sense of natural beauty and celebration, adding a touch of joy and vibrancy to the scene.

The use of palette knives not only adds texture and depth but also contributes to the dynamic and expressive nature of the painting. The vibrant color palette, with blues and yellows dominating the composition, convey a sense of warmth, positivity, and self-assuredness.

* Name: Dancin' in the mirror,
* Painter: Shakia Harris
* Medium: Professional oils on stretched canvas
* Size: 8x10 with 0.75 inches deep

*Includes: Dustcover, picture hanging hardware, & certificate of authenticity.

*Varnish Applied:Clear & protective coating for oil paintings. Will not cloud or yellow with age.

*Style: abstract impressionism

*Shipping: protective packaging, exclusively use UPS, tracking number provided, & arrives ready to hang without outer frame.

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