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You Live In My Dream State 6x6 sunflower oil painting

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*Name: You Live In My Dream State
*Painter: Shakia Harris
*Medium: Professional oils on stretched canvas 

*Includes: Dustcover, picture hanging hardware, certificate of authenticity, and image is extended to the edge. Painting is signed on the side of the painting. 

*Varnish Applied: Clear & protective coating for oil paintings. Will not cloud or yellow with age.

Indulge in the captivating allure of "You live in my dream state," an enchanting 6x6-inch sunflower oil painting on a 1.5-inch deep gallery-wrapped canvas, masterfully crafted by the talented Louisville, KY artist, Shakia Harris.

This exquisite artwork takes you on a mesmerizing journey where sunflowers sway with grace and beauty. Shakia Harris' artistic brilliance is evident in the intricate details and textured petals brought to life with a palette knife, creating a sense of movement and vibrancy.

The gallery-wrapped canvas showcases the sunflower's radiant splendor, with the image gracefully extended to the sides, providing a seamless and elegant presentation. The varnished finish enhances the colors, adding depth and ensuring its longevity, preserving the artwork's timeless charm.

Every piece comes with a certificate of authenticity, guaranteeing its genuine origin and the meticulous craftsmanship. A dustcover is included, protecting the painting during transit and ensuring its pristine condition upon arrival.

Arriving ready to hang, "You live in my dream state" is a hassle-free addition to your home or office decor, instantly elevating your space with its captivating beauty and evocative imagery. Embrace the dreamlike essence of this sunflower oil painting and let it enchant your surroundings with its undeniable allure.

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