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Payment Arrangement:

I want my work to be accessible without devaluing my talent and time. Select the option that best fits your budget. The initial payment will place the painting on reserve. Once the final payment is received, the painting will be shipped/delivered and you will receive tracking information promptly.


The painting will be marked as sold, and you will receive an invoice via email for the remaining payment(s).

Coupons: Coupon codes are only valid for the individual cart. This means if you select a payment arrangement it is possible that it may not apply to the total amount. When using a coupon code, only the amount that is in the cart at the time is applied.


Split in 2 Payments: must be received within 4 weeks of initial payment

Split in 3-4 payments: must be received within 8 weeks of initial payment


What's the difference between Affirm & payment arrangements?

Affirm is a trusted third-party merchant that pays the artist upfront and allows me the security to ship your painting right away. When selecting Affirm at checkout, it applies to everything in the cart. Affirm can be used with multiple product categories (paintings, prints, office supples, commissions, etc.). They have flexible payment options, and payments are subject to fees. I've used them in the past and had excellent experiences with them. You would select the pay in full option for Affirm.


Whereas the payment arrangement option (see below) is managed in house and requires receipt of final payment before artwork is shipped. This option is not available for paintings that are currently on display at an exhibit.

shakia harris art payment plans

Can I submit payment prior to the due date?

Absolutely! You will have the link to a private listing/invoice that you can submit payment to at any time within the available timeframe.

shakia harris