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Hand In Hand to the Sun 8x10 in, abstract portrait oil painting

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The woman interviewed prefers to be identified by her initials DL.

"Hand in Hand to the Sun" is a thick abstract palette knife portrait that captures the vibrant spirit of a brown-skinned woman with pink hair and black roots. She stands adorned in a yellow dress with a pink jacket against a lush green background. The textured strokes of the palette knives create a tactile richness, bringing the woman's essence to life.

The title encapsulates the woman's journey, growth, and profound connection to her past. Through her candid words, she shares the impact of grief, a constant companion shaped by the loss of a family member at a tender age. Her perspective on relationships, marked by a deep appreciation and the awareness of potential loss, is painted into the very essence of the artwork.

Her soothing rituals—walking, singing, writing, and enjoying sweet drinks and tea—are interwoven into the very fabric of the painting. The vivid colors of her attire echo her personal palette of joy.

The backdrop of the painting resonates with DL's sources of happiness—gardens, places adorned with flowers, and abundant sunlight. Conversely, the textured green background mirrors her aversion to semi-darkness, gloom, and disorganized spaces.

DL's rituals of expressing love, the gratitude she carries, and the watchful care for her loved ones find visual representation in the strokes of the palette knives. Shakia sought to create a painting that speaks to the coexistence of grief, gratitude, and a touch of gentle paranoia—each layer contributing to the richness of DL's lived experience.

"Hand in Hand to the Sun" is not just a portrait; it is a visual journey into the soul of the woman, a celebration of her resilience, and an exploration of the intricate dance between grief, gratitude, and love that shapes her worldview.

Thank you DL for sharing your story & inspiring this piece.

* Painter: Shakia Harris
*Medium:professional oils on stretched canvas
* Size: 8x10 with 2 inch deep gallery wrapped edges

*Includes: Dustcover, picture hanging hardware, & certificate of authenticity.

*Varnish Applied:Clear & protective coating for oil paintings. Will not cloud or yellow with age.

* Style: abstract impressionism

*Shipping: protective packaging, tracking number provided, & arrives ready to hang without outer frame.


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