31 Day Art Challenge (Day 1-10)

31 Day Art Challenge (Day 1-10)

Posted by shakia harris on May 3rd 2022

I'll be participating in Lori Siebert's 31 day #flowermonth2022 painting challenge. Each day of May is characterized by a choice of 3 flowers, and the options are presented in alphabetical order. I'll be sharing process videos on my Youtube channel and instragram page.  I'm excited to experiment with different flower types, and hopefully I find some new favorites.

I decided to give myself some grace and allow myself the flexibility to complete the challenge until I paint a flower for every letter.  I've struggled in the past to stay consistent with these kinds of challenges. I could blame it on the medium I use. Oils take time to dry and it's really difficult to finish a painting in one sitting, even if it's small.  Honestly, I have the two young babes, and life just gets busy. 

Day 1- Azalea

Like A Moth to A Flame 36x48 in oil painting, Shakia Harris

Day 2- Buttercup

"Sings By Itself" 11x14 oil painting - Shakia Harris

I hope you enjoy the mix of white ranunculuses and yellow buttercups. This abstract impressionist floral painting is a one of a kind, with chunky edges to boot (2 in gallery deep edges).

Day 3 - Chrysanthemum

"I am a whole mood" 24x36 oil

Day 4 Dahlia"Brighter Day" 36x48 oil

Day 5 "Euphorbia" 

"Come or go, but don't just stand there" 8x8 oil

Day 6 " Frangipani"

"Kissed by elegant birds" oil-SOLD

Day7- Geranium"Take the Risk to Blossom" 12x16x1.5 in. oil - SOLD

This one I'm almost certain I'm going to paint it on a much larger scale.

Day 8 Hellebore

"Liberated Like Free Birds" 48x60 in oil -SOLD

Day 9- Iris

"Iris Field" oil painting

Day 10 - Jacob's Ladder **still on the easel**