Shakia Harris is an oil painter and self-taught artist.  Her art has a unique story - it was born out of learning to cope with trauma she experienced from surviving a home invasion, along with the challenges of managing PTSD, panic attacks and anxiety as a new mother. 


Shakia’s artwork will captivate you with its bold colors and textures - each piece carefully crafted with love in her home studio. Her uplifting story, coupled with her incredible talent, make her art truly one of a kind. 

Initially, Shakia created artwork just for herself, but her husband, Mitch, encouraged her to share it with the world and start selling her work. She began by raising money for her special education classroom, but soon found that people across the country were eager to collect her art.


Today, Shakia's accomplishments include a solo exhibition and being accepted into multiple juried art festivals, including the prestigious St. James Court Art Show. 


Her artwork is a testament to her incredible journey and resilience in the face of adversity. Her paintings are a powerful reminder that anything is possible with determination and hard work. 


Shakia's also passionate about helping other creatives succeed and believes in the power of collaboration. She firmly believes in "community over competition". She shares resources with fellow artists to help them improve their business.


Shakia also offers advice on how to get started as an artist, from finding inspiration and setting goals, to creating a portfolio and marketing your work. She is eager to lend her expertise and experience in order for others to achieve their creative dreams.


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